About us

We’re pleased to welcome you to our cozy family online store, “Vikstore!”

If you’ve come to our site and are reading this information, that must mean a happy event has brought you here! We’re sure that each one of you wants to create the brightest and most unforgettable celebration for your child. A lot of time and effort always go into this process!

Aside from the well-known celebratory paraphernalia—party hats and balloons, disposable dish sets, candles, puzzles and so on, we have teddy bears, toys, dolls and much more! Popular and beloved characters: the mischievous and restless heroine of Masha and the Bear, PJ Mask, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Cheburashka . . .

Just think how fabulous your décor will look with these beloved heroes, and your child’s name too!

We’re very happy to announce that over the past year of work, we have attracted a huge quantity of loyal clients with whom it is pleasant to cooperate. We are glad that you trust us and keep on returning to us again and again. Thanks to you, we are getting even better.

You and your children are our inspiration! Thank you for being here, and for taking party planning so seriously! After all, this is a bright moment in your child’s youth, which will stay in their memory forever!
Our warehouses are located in the US, which allows for speedy delivery of our products.
Thank you for choosing us!